Keep an eye on the stove through your smartphone

Protect your loved ones: smarten up their existing stove in a few simple steps.

The Product

The Product


How it Works

Attach the Sensor

Simply peel off the tape, place the sensor and magnet on your stove knob, ensuring they face each other. It's a quick and hassle-free setup.

Connect the Central Hub

Plug in the central hub and effortlessly connect it to your Wi-Fi modem. Once connected, power it on and let the magic begin.

Monitor Your Stove

Download and install our app on your phone. Enter your information, and voila! You're ready to enjoy seamless control over your smart stove.



Complete Features You Get

Effortless Setup

Setup in under a minute; simply stick the sensor beside the stove knobs and plug in the gateway for unparalleled user-friendly convenience.


Compatible with any stove knob, designed to work seamlessly with all knob configurations.

Heat Resistant

Engineered for the kitchen, resistant to high temperatures and oil spills, ensuring longevity and safety.

Easy Monitoring

Passive monitoring from your phone for ultimate ease and convenience.




Technical Specifications

Gateway Dimensions 125x103x35mm
Gateway Plug North-America (110V)
Sensor Color White
Sensor Dimensions 55×26.2×13mm
Sensor Battery CR2034, 12 month life time