About US

Ayda Naserialiabadi is the CEO and Co-founder of Veebar Tech. She is studying her last year of industrial engineering in Ryerson University. Throughout her years of education, she found her passion in business management and entrepreneurship. Ayda started pursuing her dream by taking industrial engineering courses that could be related to entrepreneurship, such as project management, inventory and production systems and so on. In 2017, Ayda and Younes started brainstorming about a problem that they found very common in elderly. She started doing a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation to get more familiar with running a start-up company, that's where Ayda and Younes decided to have their own health-tech startup company in order to provide solutions for those who are in need. Ayda is also volunteering as the president of marketing at First Institute of Canadian Inventors (FICI) - Ryerson University chapter. Additionally, she is working with IEEE-Women In Engineering in Canada to bring the entrepreneurial sense for the Canadian women who are in engineering.

Younes Sadat-Nejad is the CTO and Co-founder of Veebar Tech. Younes received his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering in 2017 and started doing master of applied science in electrical and computer engineering at Ryerson University. He has worked as a research and a teacher assistant at Ryerson for two years. His research interests are in the area of signal processing, statistical signal processing, information theory, machine learning and deep learning. He is currently is in the process of finishing his master with the topic of EEG Brain Source Localization. Younes is very passionate in gaining new knowledge and concepts related to new technologies.
The nature of Younes and Ayda’s start-up company and Emerlet idea forced Younes to learn more about embedded system design as well as IOT communication protocols. Younes is currently volunteering as the president of external communication and events at First Institute of Canadian Inventors (FICI) - Ryerson University chapter.

Our Story

The Veebar Tech became a company after Ayda and Younes started to work on a solution for people with hard of hearing such as Ayda`s grandmother. After some research, they noticed that hard of hearing and deaf are in serious danger at home as they are not alerted about their surroundings. After a year of primary and secondary research on their initial solution and understanding the true needs of the consumers, Ayda and Younes finalized their solution and called the system Emerlet. The positive feedback they received about the idea made them realize that there is a need and their solution is unique. In the summer of 2018, they established the Veebar Tech company to pursue their dream of helping people with more broad perspective.

Meet the Team

The team is right now consist two members, Ayda Naserialiabadi and Younes Sadatnejad.

Younes SadatNejad

Founder & CTO

Ayda Naserialiabadi

Co-Founder and CEO

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