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Who We Are

Veebar Tech Inc has years of experience and partnerships in different fields of technology development, such as hardware & software design, testing facilities, prototype building, AI and so many more. We are here to help you turning your ideas into reality. From consultation to development, our objective is to provide you with high quality products that will improve your users’ experience.


Hardware & Firmware

Create & optimize your desired electronics and mechanical systems.

Software Development

Design, program and deliver your unique computer programs.

Data Scraping

Extract your specific information from the web, and channel that data to another website.

Cloud Services

Transfer and store your resources to the Cloud using Amazon Web Services or Azure.

Web-App Development

Build and empower web-based projects to test the usability of your future mobile app.

AI and Data Analytics

Have the power to control and analyze large data sets from multiple resources to make future predictions.

IoT & Automation

Combine hardware parts & software programs to monitor values, collect, transfer, and analyze your data.

3D Design & Fabrication

Model your unique designs within a three-dimensional space.


Let’s transform your ideas into products.

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